KIRF Field Report: Fire Pandemonic Relief

In 2018, KIRF assisted victims of the Paradise fire with gift cards so they could purchase items as needed. This work continued in 2019 and 2020, assisting victims of the Carr fire in 2019 and a fire near Simi Valley California. It also assisted 4,500 fire victims of the Slater fire, in Happy Camp, Northern California.

Many people lost their jobs in the initial shutdowns from the Corona virus pandemic. KIRF assisted small restaurants with aid for their workers as well as helping supply meals to foster families and farm workers with the help of Kids and Families Together, The Rincon Brewery and The World Central Kitchen. As the Pandemic persisted and healthcare workers were working long shifts, KIRF created a tab for them to get fee coffee at a local coffee shop near one of our hospitals who were caring for Covid patients

We look forward to helping more people in the United States and abroad as travel restrictions are lifted and our volunteers are vaccinated.

Thank you to all who have helped during the California fires and the Pandemic. Every little bit helps reduce someone’s suffering.


Mark Kirwin, President and Co-Founder of KIRF