Our Mission

Helping those in need help themselves with disaster relief, education, and legal immigration assistance for a better future.

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Kirwin International Relief Foundation is dedicated to education for the people in need to build capacity and alleviate suffering caused by chronic poverty. KIRF works with donors and local humanitarians to support the Shekhwara Village School. The school provides an Indian national-standards based primary school education (including textbooks, sports equipment, and school uniforms) that is without violence and is free for local lowest caste rural village children who can’t afford school fees or transportation. Each year we ensure that in addition to school supplies, a nutritious lunches are provided for the children because a child can’t learn if she or he is weak with hunger. We also support the on-campus KIRF Sewing Centre with sewing machines, textiles and quality instruction for local young women. KIRF helps support the maintenance of the wells which provide the school’s safe drinking water.
KIRF has begun a university scholarship program in Thailand that aids tsunami orphans in Ranong Province. The program is administered by the Population & Community Development Association (PDA).

In Mississippi, USA, KIRF helped school children and their families who had lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina. We worked with school teachers and administrators in the Picayune School District in southern Mississippi to identify needs and to deliver living supplies and educational supplies and sports equipment directly to families who were living outside, in trailers or in an empty rental when we found them.

In Peru, KIRF assisted homeless survivors of the devastating August earthquake disaster near Pisco with living supplies. We also ended up supplying a Kindergarten through High School, village school with culturally and academically appropriate textbooks and other school supplies in the remote Andean village of Huantan.

In Cambodia, Mark Kirwin, KIRF’s Director, purchased building materials, doors and desks for an orphanage called the Lighthouse outside of Phenm Phen.

KIRF purchased and delivered supplies for a rain cachement system for an elementary school serving rural Maasai that had a dry well and no water for its students nor staff in a village near Arusha, Tanzania in the summer of 2006.

Beginning in 2008, KIRF has been supporting with school supplies an IDP (“Internally Displaced People”) educational center in southern Myanmar near the Thai border.

Media Contact

Please contact Mark Kirwin:

Email: info@kirfaid.org.
Phone: (805) 650-1044

Mark Kirwin, Esq. – Director

Kirwin International Relief Foundation
c/o Kirwin & Francis, LLP
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Ventura, CA 93003