Update on Typhoon Haiyan Direct Disaster Relief on Panay, Philippines.


Local kids from the village of Borongon.
We delivered roofing supplies to over 200 houses in the coastal village of Borongan so local kids like these now have a roof over their heads. Panay Island, Philippines. Photo: Mark Kirwin

Thank you to the many people who donated to KIRF’s direct disaster relief fund for Typhoon Haiyan stage 2 (sustainable relief of re-building/capacity building) disaster relief. Volunteers Mark Kirwin and Tom Fiutak were able to purchase, package (with volunteers) and deliver trucks of re-building supplies to several coastal villages. It was a hectic week assessing needs, getting supplies working until late each night with other volunteers, but they pulled it off.

Thank you, Rotary!

A huge thank you to the members of the Rotary Club of Ventura. Your donations literally will put a roof over people’s heads this holiday season with KIRF’s purchase of roofing materials (corrugated metal sheets, nails, wire, etc) and emergency plastic tarps for about 200 homes for a few coastal villages on the island of Panay, Philippines.   The success of this relief trip was due in no small part to our newest KIRF volunteer Dr. Tom Fiutak, who has academic colleagues at the Central Philippine University on Panay island. Through his informal aid networks with local community leaders and local village volunteers at the disaster sites, KIRF’s delivery of aid to these families was efficient, respectful of the local culture, politics, and responsive to the people’s needs.

A field report with more details and photographs about this disaster relief effort will be posted soon.

In the meantime, updates and photos will be posted on our social media pages:


Muchas gracias!
Maraming salamat po!
Thank you very much!