IHC fiscal miss-management has hurt hundreds of non-profits, including KIRF India

[KIRF India's students and staff at Kirwin James International School, Shekhwara August 2011]
[KIRF India’s students and staff at Kirwin James International School, Shekhwara August 2011]
We are very saddened to hear of the sudden closure of IHC (International Humanity Center) and the tragic consequences for hundreds of non-profits; including KIRF India. 
Please note that our non-profit KIRF is a separate and distinct organization from IHC and KIRF India. KIRF is not affiliated with IHC and has its own registered charitable institution status – 501(c)(3) – with the Federal government and the state of California. 
KIRF is also a completely separate organization from KIRF India with it’s own board of directors and financial management. As such, our non-profit is not affected by the IHC closure. KIRF India, a registered Indian Charitable Trust with its own local Indian management and staff, entrusted IHC as a fiscal sponsor to manage donations and accounting in the United States. KIRF India provides free education and health services for the lowest caste and underprivileged children and women in rural villages near the ancient city of Bodhgaya, a World Heritage site, in the state of Bihar, India.
We are proud of our independent support of KIRF India’s programs in Bihar including the popular Sewing Center program at KIRF India’s Kirwin James International School located in the rural village of Shekhwara. The free school is the only educational option for lowest caste under-privileged children in the area. KIRF is also proud of its support of water well construction and repairs, which has provided safe drinking water for students and families at KIRF India supported educational centers in several villages as well as our in-kind donations of high quality textbooks and other educational materials for the children of KIRF India supported schools. 
The sudden closure of the IHC has been financially devastating for KIRF India. It has also been a betrayal of trust for KIRF India’s supporters and donors as well. KIRF India is not alone in this situation as hundreds of other non-profits have entrusted the IHC as their fiscal sponsor to handle donations and bookkeeping for a fee. We are looking forward to a quick and just resolution of this matter. In KIRF India’s case, it will be the young students of the Kirwin James International School and the families that rely on KIRF India’s free health services that will be the most affected by this financial miss-management by the IHC.