Haiti earthquake relief: Rain, rain go away…

local Haitians from Port-au-Prince and Jacmel and a volunteer looking down at several bowls of fruitIt’s raining now in Port-au-Prince. *sigh* According to my husband who is there, it took them 2 1/2 hours to drive out of the city this morning with the roads more congested and slow moving with the rainfall. (The photos on this post are from yesterday in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel.)

After driving through an early season downpour, they made it back to Santo Domingo finally. The KIRF team is currently working with a local order of Selasian monks to deliver the rest of food, water and living supplies after they return to the United States this weekend. However, it has been decided that KIRF will do more disaster relief in Haiti. We found a great informal aid network developed by the Haitian magnetic components manufacturer Manutech and their employees in Port-au-Prince. By working with the owners and employees of this firm, KIRF has been able to achieve a lot in a very short time:

  • Aid delivery: KIRF purchased, packaged and delivered over 15,000 lbs of food supplies in 3 days
  • Aid assessment: KIRF found new and unknown-to-the-international-aid-community earthquake survivor tent camps and delivered desperately needed food, water and other supplies that they needed
  • Aid coordination: We shared new aid camp locations with larger international aid groups and governmental organizations such as the US Airborne division for future aid support
  • Local rapport and respect: KIRF made long lasting connections with local business leaders and citizens in Haiti for future aid work
  • Culturally appropriate aid: we delivered easily utilized disaster relief supplies that the Haitians said they needed and could use
  • Helped Haitian economy in our own small way: KIRF supported local Haitian business owners, farmers and their families by purchasing food relief supplies and petrol in Haiti (whenever it was possible)
  • Efficient disaster relief: over 90% of each donated dollar went to purchasing and delivering disaster relief to families in need in Haiti

Mark Kirwin and a man from Port-au-Prince holding disaster relief supplies.KIRF co-founder Mark Kirwin and KIRF volunteer aid workers CJ and Patrick of Ventura, California will be returning from Haiti this weekend.

We are blessed. Blessings to Haiti.