Haiti Aid Distribution hindered by crowded streets, fuel shortage (video)

Here’s a short video from KIRF’s rented van full of food care packages that were needed by one of the hundreds of tent camps just outside of Port-au-Prince. You can see how just getting supplies or medical care quickly from one part of Haiti to another can be a real challenge. The fuel shortage is another issue. Having local Haitian aid partners have been invaluable to KIRF for assessing needs, preparing aid packages, not getting lost, finding fuel, translating, and identifying earthquake survivor communities outside of PAP who have not yet received relief supplies. Our Haitian friends have helped us with all aspects of aid distribution. When we did find a new tent camp or community that needed disaster relief, we shared this information with the US Airborne who then, in turn, would get them more help. This video was taken early this morning just outside Port-au-Prince, Haiti.