Earthquake relief in Haiti: Stage I and Stage II (KIRF)

We have been getting a lot of support from our relief efforts in Haiti. We are sincerely grateful for everyone’s help. KIRF’s Director and co-founder Mark Kirwin is coordinating a Stage II relief effort in Haiti that will distribute relief supplies that are in desperate need and will be distributed directly to those that need them the most.

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(Donations earmarked for Haiti in the next few weeks will go to helping survivors of the earthquake in Haiti.)

Stage II relief is disaster relief that occurs generally after the elemental needs for immediate survival such as water, medical aid, food and safety are met. Our stage II relief projects are focused on social, economic and environmental sustainability. We help people regain their financial self-sufficiency and quality of life. We also like our aid endeavors to be also environmentally sustainable. When coordinating disaster relief in an afflicted area we find local community leaders or humanitarian institutions (schools, medical clinics, churches) and work with them to deliver in-kind aid and aid solutions that are culturally appropriate and go to those most in need.

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If you want your dollar to go to immediate survival supplies and services–Stage I relief–I would recommend the organization Partners In Health. It was begun by Dr. Paul Farmer over 20 years ago in Haiti. The best selling book Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder documents in his years in Haiti and the many issues he and his “outcome orientated” clinical care has faced in order to get the poorest people healthy again. Dr. Farmer has published quite a few books and research papers in peer-reviewed journals on medical care and socio-economic barriers to health in developing countries. We have not worked with Partners In Health but their reputation is excellent and Dr. Farmer’s story was an inspiration.

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There are many other organizations that truly help others in time of need efficiently, compassionately, and with years of expertise doing disaster relief. Those organizations are too many to adequately name here. If you already made a donation to an organization such as Direct Relief International, Red Cross, Oxfam, or CARE, you did a good thing to help others in need. What matters is that we do something to help…

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Kirwin International Relief Foundation (KIRF)