Our Mission

Helping those in need help themselves with disaster relief, education, and legal immigration assistance for a better future.

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Sustainable Development

Whenever possible (for example, when we have sufficient funds and a favorable exchange rate) KIRF incorporates sustainable development in disaster relief once immediate survival needs are met. In Thailand we purchased fishing boats and supplies for fisherman who had lost their source of livelihood when the tsunami destroyed their boats. Also, in Thailand we funded the building of a fish farm and ecological preserve guesthouse that now supports a co-operative of about 32 families.

In Peru, KIRF purchased and delivered school supplies to the Andean Village Huantan as well as textiles and food staples and toiletries needed by a battered women’s shelter and sewing cooperative in Lima.

Sustainable development is very important in areas of chronic poverty and we strive to help people have a healthier and happier future by investing in capital good for small businesses and offering free literacy education at the local community supported Shekhwara Village School. We also have funded a micro-loan co-operative for woman in nearby rural villages through a local micro-loan program and have drilled (and continue to maintain) seven wells in this region suffering from drought.

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Please contact Mark Kirwin:

Email: info@kirfaid.org.
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