Our Mission

Helping those in need help themselves with disaster relief, education, and legal immigration assistance for a better future.

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We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.

– Margaret Mead

Conservation and environmental preservation are core values of the Kirwin International Relief Foundation. KIRF founder Mark Kirwin has been attending the UN Climate Change Talks since 2009 including COP15 in Copenhagen. We work directly with conservation groups such as Roots & Shoots (a youth service program of the Jane Goodall Institute) and also initiate our own conservation programs and sustainable practices whenever possible during our disaster relief efforts. One of our goals is to help alleviate suffering of living beings – not just human beings. Helping the disadvantaged or survivors of a natural disaster benefit by protecting their natural resources and non-human creatures is part of our “KIRF work”.

KIRF assisted with drought relief in northern Tanzania with the assistance of local Roots & Shoots Youth Groups, a program of the Jane Goodall Insitute, during the summer of 2006. KIRF supported the local Arusha office of Roots & Shoots with two donated used laptops in working order and participated in a tree seedling planting re-forestation project to prevent further soil erosion.

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Please contact Mark Kirwin:

Email: info@kirfaid.org.
Phone: (805) 650-1044

Mark Kirwin, Esq. – Director

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