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Over 90% of every dollar donated goes to those in need

Over 90% of each donation made to Kirwin International Relief Foundation goes directly to those in need.

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  Email: "Kirwins are okay in Ranong, Thailand! - big earthquake, tsunami hit"
December 26, 2004
by Angela Kirwin in Ranong, Thailand

Hi all:

Blessings to you all! (We have been blessed.)

Mark and I, Kai and Makani are here in balmy and tropical Ranong, Thailand (near Phuket) with Stephen and Bee--happy and safe. We were supposed to be on an island today which is now officially deemed as destroyed by a tsunami which hit at 10am this morning.

There was an 8.1 earthquake centered in Sumatra (south of us) which was a 8am this morning. The quake resulted in damage throughout Thailand and buried people. Very, very sad. It's times like now where I thank God to have my family safe and well.

Here's Stephen's words to you all: I love you.

If you would like to reach us, please call Stephen's cell phone:


I'm off to say a prayer and light some incense and get back to Mark and the kids at the hotel.

I would like to end this email with "nothing like a bit of adventure" or something more light except I can't. If our travel plans worked as we originally wanted and we were on the boat to the icsland of Ko Phanom–we would be dead right now. And, I grieve for the those people on the islands Phuket, Ko Samui, etc.

Love to you all!



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– Mechai Viravaidya
Thailand map

2005 KIRF Thailand Tsunami Relief
KIRF's 2005 web video presentation of Tsunami Relief work in Thailand. Download the Windows Media Player file by clicking here. (PC only)
Photo of tsunami survivor Moken girl by Stephen T. Kirwin


May 2006

KIRF Fund for Tsunami Orphans set-up at Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus, with administration done by local ngo partner PDA

July 2005

Bio's and photos collected of tsunami orphans at their schools by Stephen Kirwin

May 2005

Moken people stranded on island after the tsunami were given 3 fishing boats, engine, petrol, water storage tanks, sarongs, cooking supplies and nutritious food.

February 2005

$7,000 - Fish Farm rebuilt with KIRF supplied building supplies and locally purchased lumber and aquaculture equipment. Building tools, water and donated Patagonia and Water Girl clothing given to devastated village on Ko Sin Thai. Soccer balls and school supplies given to school that was destroyed by tsunami at Bin Bang Bang estuary.

85,000 bht wood
64,000 bht net, nails, roap
41,000 bht foam fishing floats
20,000 bht eco toilent >> total 175,000 baht cost to build fish farm, 20 people from community built it

35,000 bht for new boat + engine
3,000 bht cost of two long boats filled with water bottles for school on Ko Sin Thai

December 2004

About $500 was spent by us (Mark and Angela Kirwin) to purchase and deliver disaster relief (food staples and water) to people who lost their homes in the tsunami disaster. We purchased clothing for tourists injured by the tsunami at Ranong Hospital and donated cell phone time. Food and water care packages-- enough to fill up a government truck -- was purchased and bagged for local tsunami survivors along coast of Ranong Province.